4 reasons why eat organic foods

Due to the amount of pesticides, fungicides, hormones, … that conventional products contain, more and more people opt for organic foods.

Today we are going to give you five reasons why you should take this type of food, also called bio or organic.

  1. The bio products provide more nutrients than the conventional ones. The difference is amazing, since to get the same nutrients you would have to eat many more conventional than organic foods.
  2. Conventional foods make you sick more often because of the pesticides with which crops are sprayed. When we go to a supermarket we look for the tomatoes that look better, we look for strawberries to hold us for a long time in the fridge, hence the food industry goes to chemists. But our body is not prepared to ingest so many pesticides.
  3. When you eat organic products you are eating local products, which has two benefits. On the one hand, you are driving the economy of your area. On the other, you are gaining in security since you know where the food has been produced, you know even the producers themselves and you know under what conditions they work.
  4. You are collaborating with the maintenance of the diversity of the environment. The decline in bee populations and crop varieties is worrisome. Thanks to small producers, we continue to enjoy many varieties of vegetables, fruits, legumes and cereals.

For these four reasons, from Tapería Orgánica, we want to encourage you to change your habits. Come to our bio tapas bar in Malaga or to a local market and eat healthy, eat rich and do not pay abusive prices for doing it.



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